Electrolysis has been traditionally used for the removal of unwanted or excess hair and this process can be rather long, drawn out and sometimes painful!  It’s popularity for hair removal is dwindling, making way for newer and more advanced, device-led procedures such as IPL. However, in recent years, advanced electrolysis has successfully progressed to the treatment of skin lesions and imperfections such as warts, moles, skin tags, milia and other minor skin concerns.

There are several reasons that advanced electrolysis for skin tag removal is becoming more and more popular. One is that most minor skin imperfections are considered ‘cosmetic’ by the NHS, rather than a threat to health and treatment can take several months due to the referral process, (and then treatment may not be offered by the NHS). Also, private medical practitioners can charge well in to the thousands to treat minor skin imperfections with alternative methods, making it inaccessible to many people. Another reason for its rise in popularity with patients is that the treatment is quick with a minimal amount of discomfort and offers very little or no downtime; allowing you to go back to your normal daily routine, immediately after treatment.

At Arabellaz, we offer advanced electrolysis for the treatment of a range of skin concerns, such as broken capilliaries, campbell de morgan spots (blood spots), common warts, milia, skin tags, dermatosis papular nigra, liver / age spots, moles, molluscum contagiosum, plane warts. sebaceous cysts, sebaceous hyperplasia, sebaceous naevi, sebaceous warts, skin tags & spider naevus syringoma. The treatment is administered by expert, Alison Byrne, who is fully qualified and accredited to carry out the procedure.

The process itself involves the use of a very fine needle, attached to an electrolysis machine. For thread veins, the needle is inserted along the line of the capillary. A very small current is discharged which helps destroy the blood vessel and starve it of any nourishment. This is known as Thermology. For skin tag or mole removal the same fine needle is used to cauterize the growth. Results of this treatment are permanent and advanced electrolysis can treat skin imperfections on both the skin and the body.

Most people are suitable for advanced electrolysis, depending on their individual skin concern. For skin tags and moles, a letter from your doctor may be required to confirm that they are not malignant. Before any treatment here at Arabellaza full and thorough, no-obligation skin consultation with Alison is requested, so that your medical health can be checked as well as your suitability for treatment. In this meeting, you will be able to discuss your concerns as well as expected results from the treatment.