Personalised Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A deeply relaxing massage focusing on built up stress and muscle tension in all areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back. This treatment encourages relaxation, relieves stress, improves circulation and posture, relaxes muscles and improves flexibility, relieves tension headaches, strengthens immune system and can help decrease feelings of depression leaving you feeling fully revitalised.

25 minutes – £25.00
40 minutes – £35.00


Swedish Body Massage

A traditional massage to promote relaxation and ease muscle tensions. This treatment is ideal as an introduction to massage. Stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived.

60 minutes – £45.00


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is essential, professional ans specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personalised consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs. Choose from Detoxifying or relax and unwind.

30 minutes – £30.00
60 minutes – £50.00


Hot Stone Massage

A therapeutic massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and your body to feel rejuvenated.

30 minutes – £35.00
60 minutes – £55.00


Deep Massage Experience

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to a Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). Choose from 1 or 3 areas you need
soothed and relaxed. The appropriate programme of products will be blended
and combined for your highest well being. Scalp and facial massage, face and
eye area, neck and shoulders, feet and lower leg, back, hands and arms.

20 minutes – £25.00
60 minutes – £50.00


Body Scrub and Massage with Arabellaz Natural Skincare

This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation by removing the surface layer of skin to reveal the new skin beneath, using one of Arabellaz Natural Skincare Scrubs, followed by a revitalising body massage.
Choose from one below:
Arabellaz Natural Skincare Salt scrub
Perfect for sensitive skin this full body scrub will remove all the dead skin from the surface of the skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished.
Arabellaz Natural Skincare Himalayan salt scrub
Himalayan salt is packed full of trace minerals which have health benefits used to stimulate circulation and re-mineralise the skin. This will moisturise your skin and leave it feeling smooth while leaving a radiant glow.
Arabellaz Natural Skincare Caffine salt scrub
Mmmmm, coffee! You will love this skin firming coffee salt scrub. The coffee provides gentle exfoliation while stimulating blood circulation. When used in a body scrub it can reduce the appearance of cellulite. How? Since caffeine is water soluble by mixing it with water it will help the caffeine from the coffee beans penetrate your skin. The caffeine works by increasing the rate and volume of blood flow. This helps remove excess water from our tissues, which improves the skins appearance.

85 minutes (Includes full body scrub & full body massage) – £65.00
50 minutes (Includes full body scrub & back, neck and shoulder massage) – £40.00